Sustainability Management System

In general sustainability has four performance dimensions: The environmental, social, cultural and economic performance of the organisation. Sustainability management aims at a simultaneous achievement of environmental responsibility, social equity, cultural vitality and economic health being perspectives of the corporate strategy. The sustainable management system integrates the management of environmental cultural and social issues into the mainstream business activities in order to achieve a permanent competitive advantage.

The Compass SMS Sustainability Management System provides a strong and adaptive tool for truly integrated sustainability management. It helps significantly to overcome the shortcomings of the common parallel approaches of environmental (f.e. ISO 14000), social (f.e. SA 8000), cultural and economic management systems implemented in many organisations. Compass SMS assists the identification and the management of simultaneous improvements of environmental, social, cultural and economic business goals thereby highlighting the learning & growth parameters for achieving all combined objectives.

For that reason Compass SMS fulfils the central requirement of the corporate sustainability concept for a continuous improvement of the business performance in economic, ecological and social terms. The unique suitability of Compass SMS for the desired integration of all three sustainability dimensions results from the possibility to combine hard (monetarized) and soft factors (not monetarized). In this way Compass SMS facilitates the implementation of soft factors within the corporate management process instead of just adding satellite systems, responsibilities, accountabilities and …reporting formats. Last but not least Compass generates all relevant input for the annual social & environmental & safety reports!