Vendor Rating System

The Compusense Vendor Rating System VRS is another specific application of the AuditBuilder platform.  Supplier rating is an ongoing activity; suppliers are often assessed continuously or periodically (i.e. assessing the last year’s trading).

Since VRS is an integrated part of that platform, buyer performance data from the Compusense RSP responsible sourcing program but also from the Brand’s ERP program may be exported to the VRS in order to visualize the actual status.

The flexibility of the Compusense AuditBuilder platform enables a Brand to structure its own VRS model by defining & weighting the key performance indicators of suppliers quality. In general these indicators visualize real time performance with regard to quality, delivery schedule adherence, cost- and price structure, capability and service rendered. Results of each variable are then ranked and weighted into a final score – usually a percentage, allowing suppliers to be classified in in accordance to the Brand’s contractual stipulations.

Classification example: 100 points can be attained in each category. Individual evaluations are combined to obtain the overall result.
Criterion Quality      Weighting 38
Criterion Date           Weighting 25
Criterion Quantity    Weighting 12
Criterion Soft Facts  Weighting 25

The total number of points indicates whether the vendor is an A-, B- or C- Supplier:
Evaluation scheme
Score 100 – 85  Category A
Score 84 – 60    Category B
Score 59 – 01     Category C

A-suppliers normally are the Brand’s preferred partners for new projects. They have already achieved a high level of proficiency and are working to maintain and improve this standard. The A-status usually also includes hightech supplier deliverables like design & development.

With Category B, the Brand sees potential for improvement which it would like to realise together with the supplier, to provide the basis for future successful co-operation. The Compusense VRS results may thus trigger continuous performance improvement programs with suppliers resulting in true co-makership, optimizing supply chain integration efficiency.

If the supplier is currently in Category C, the Brand has identified considerable scope for improvement for successful co-operation. The supplier should take immediate measures which will prevent possible quality and supply problems for the Brand and its customers. Compusense VRS automatically generates the desired action plans, setting priorities along a time-led roadmap. As long as the overall rating is ‘C’, the supplier will not be considered for new enquiries and projects until sustained improvements have been introduced (Category A or B).

Compusense VRS also produces trend analyses allowing the Brand to monitor changes in supplier and product performance over time. By means of the continuous self assessment functionality of VRS suppliers are triggered to use the system to pro-actively drive performance and improve the business relationship.