Nowadays many organizations look at implementing all preferred standards at the same time which is cost effective and minimizes disruption, thereby avoiding the much feared audit fatigue! In such cases, organizations make use of the BSI PAS 99 (Publicly Available Specification) creating one framework to manage all of their (certified) management systems.

Common Approach: The benefits of using the Compass AuditBuilder in order to realise one overall integrated management system:

  • Meet all standard requirements with one set of policies and procedures
  • Audit more than one system at a time to save money and resources
  • Improve overall efficiency by removing the need to duplicate tasks
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities highlight common objectives
  • Make it easier to continually improve all your management systems
  • Less friction between systems
  • Less audit fatigue; improved staff morale & motivaction
  • Improved internal & external stakeholder communication
  • Standardized document control
  • Strong business focus: All risk management benchmarks and performance improvement indicators made visible in one dashboard

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