Set up your own self evaluations and audits cycles and control every specific audit trail. The program facilitates intermediate evaluations and internal and external researches. 

With high user satisfaction scores, the Compass AuditBuilder has been used in various sectors in the past 25 years : Industry, health care and public sector.  Exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas among the user groups has resulted in a practical, versatile and flexible self evaluation and audit tool with 25 years of run time!

Immediate implementation:

In order to give the user complete operational ownership, the  Compass software program offers easy configuration and issue-led implementation (f.e. in case of a critical non-compliance or the resumption of operations after an emergency situation).

Different options of use:

The Compass software platform can be used in 2 ways: As a SaaS cloud solution or as an in-house application making use of your own server.

This flexibility makes Compass very fit for both small (i.e. quick scans) and large researches (like monitoring of progress during process changes).

Full service support:

The  Compusense Support Team in Holland provides continuous guidance and support during your evaluation and auditprocess.  

Expertise in the field of linkage of organisation processes with the help of a team of experience experts.

Extensive range of functionalities:

In order to generate evaluation & audit data, Compass offers the following functionalities:

All kind of file types are accepted while uploading supporting evidence like: Word, PDF, Excel, but also multi media like voice recordings, pictures and films. 

Secure user environment with encrypted individual usernames, passwords and stored data.

Easy scoring and answering methodology of relevant/significant/priority indicators with a choice and combination of the following answering possibilities:

Closed and open questions like yes/no options, muliple choice options, check boxes, slider options, currency options etc. 

Open answer types like fields, currency, numbers, dates and time. 

Open answer types picking up on the results of self evaluations, scores, averages and opinions. 

Availing only relevant or significant options and indicators with the use of skip logic.

Traffic lights indicating relevance, significance and priority can be selected, as well as radar screens with critical benchmarks, resulting in a gap analysis for immediate action planning.


  • Complete management framework

    Complete management framework

    The Compusense software platform integrates standards and management models in one alert information management system.

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  • Secured ITC environment

    Secured ITC environment

    As a processor of personal data Compusense meets the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Complete in-house management & control

    Complete in-house management & control

    Plug & Play: Manage and control all evaluation and audit cycles yourself.

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