Improvement & development plans

Translates findings and analyses into improvement and development activities; presents all achievements in preferred graphs and tables. 

When making use of the Compass software platform, “SMART” evaluation & audit needs can be identified, using a step-by-step audit trail. The organized way of setting up a staged workflow offers guidance and visualizes the status during every stage of the audit cycle including the specific actions that belong to each stage.


  • Full support

    Full support

    The Compusense Support Team in Holland gives continuous guidance and support during your evaluation and auditprocess.

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  • Complete management framework

    Complete management framework

    The Compusense software platform integrates standards and management models in one alert information management system.

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  • Secured ITC environment

    Secured ITC environment

    As a processor of personal data Compusense meets the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Complete in-house management & control

    Complete in-house management & control

    Plug & Play: Manage and control all evaluation and audit cycles yourself.

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