Based on the performance indicators which you selected, a cluster of gauges will be set up. This dashboard shows the actual process status and the remaining workload. Also presents performance indicators that are projected on (anonymous) averages. 

The resulting evaluation and audit library consists of issue-led researches, that are being traced and managed by means of a clear work flow and derogation register.

The reports initiate and stimulate initiatives for continuous performance improvement.  Because of the fact that all organisational audits and protocols are being stored in  one library, management  has a well-organized source of information, visualized in a real time time dashboard. 


  • Full support

    Full support

    The Compusense Support Team in Holland gives continuous guidance and support during your evaluation and auditprocess.

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  • Complete management framework

    Complete management framework

    The Compusense software platform integrates standards and management models in one alert information management system.

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  • Secured ITC environment

    Secured ITC environment

    As a processor of personal data Compusense meets the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Complete in-house management & control

    Complete in-house management & control

    Plug & Play: Manage and control all evaluation and audit cycles yourself.

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