Professional Review Medical Specialists

From 2012 onwards the majority of scientific associations of medical specialists are using the Compusense software program. This application has been specifically set up for the Professional Review model  of the Federation of Medical Specialists (FMS). As a cloud solution the associations use the Compass platform 3.0 for the implementation of professional reviews in line with the FMS valuation system as developed with the involvement of the FMS Knowledge Institute. 

The Compass software program, set up as a professional review tool, can be used by any professional association. 

The success factors of the Compass 3.0 Professional Review software program:

  • For doctors by doctors, simplicity and reliability
  • Broad overview for the back office of the secretariate,  all in one system
  • Flexibility of measurement tools, thus always up to date with the latest review methods and questionnaires


Basic advantages of the Compass 3.0 Professional Review cloud solution

  1. For the back office of your association the software program is easy to use and the reviews are easy to  control. Actual member files can be linked to the Professional Review program, using pre-defined clusters of quality tools that belong to a specific professional review. 
  2. Guaranteed support and proven continuity.
  3. Facilitation for the medical practices to set up the software program as a Total Quality Management System which can also be applicable in between review cycles. An example is our Team Development Monitor.
  4. Anonymous benchmarking


Key functions of Compass 3.0

  1. Review cycle: planning, execution, reporting, completion and feedback.
  2. A medical practice can use the program to prepare themselves for the oncoming professional review (pre-auditing).
  3. Team work: shared responsibility for the specific elements of the review (f.e. Quick Scans)
  4. Easy integration of specific questionnaires, that have been defined by an association itself ( f.e. Evidence Based Medical Audits, complications, patient reviews).
  5. Tailor made reports which are focussed on priorities and improvements as have been defined by the association itself.


  • Full support

    Full support

    The Compusense Support Team in Holland gives continuous guidance and support during your evaluation and auditprocess.

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  • Complete management framework

    Complete management framework

    The Compusense software platform integrates standards and management models in one alert information management system.

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  • Secured ITC environment

    Secured ITC environment

    As a processor of personal data Compusense meets the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Complete in-house management & control

    Complete in-house management & control

    Plug & Play: Manage and control all evaluation and audit cycles yourself.

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