Team Development

How do you know whether you are working as a team or not?

How much "teamness" is present in your clinic or workgroup?

What are the attributes of effective teamwork and how can you improve them?

  • The Team Development Monitor helps you to  figure out in what areas the team performance may be lacking and offers advice on how to improve such performance. (any weaknesses within the team’s dynamic and functionality.)
  • The Team Development Monitor tool focuses on 4 components of team development. In these 4 components the report of Team Development Monitor offers concise insights into its stage of development and early recognizes symptoms of any frictions and lagging developments, offers strategies for improvement of  the 4 components and sketches an ideal scenario of how each team member should contribute to the functioning of the team as a whole.

The methodology has been developed by  PeaceHealth, a not-for-profit health care system in the USA with medical centres, critical access hospitals, medical group clinics and laboratories located in Alaska, Washington and Oregon. In the mean time in use as a Compusense Cloud Solution in The Netherlands by the GELRE Hospitals,  the Netherlands Association for Psychiatry and the Medical Practitioners. A perfect tool to combine  with other Compusense tools for continuous performance improvement and professional accreditation!

Please do contact us and we will send you extensive documentation. 

  • 1. Cohesiveness

    1. Cohesiveness

    Cohesiveness is the social glue that binds the team members together as a unit. Without cohesiveness, it is extremely difficult for a team to attain the other components of a developed team.

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  • 2. Communication

    2. Communication

    Communication involves a full range of topics, including decision-making and problem-solving. Effective communication becomes easier once the team has developed a certain level of cohesiveness.

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  • 3. Role clarity

    3. Role clarity

    The role of “team member” supersedes individual professional roles. While professional roles brought to the team give the team its potential strength, equally, if not more, important for team development is that individuals feel equally valued as members of the team.

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  • 4. Goals & Means Clarity

    4. Goals & Means Clarity

    The final component of team development to become a fully functioning and high-performing team is clearly defining team goals and the means to be used to reach these goals.

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  • Full support

    Full support

    The Compusense Support Team in Holland gives continuous guidance and support during your evaluation and auditprocess.

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  • Complete management framework

    Complete management framework

    The Compusense software platform integrates standards and management models in one alert information management system.

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  • Secured ITC environment

    Secured ITC environment

    As a processor of personal data Compusense meets the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Complete in-house management & control

    Complete in-house management & control

    Plug & Play: Manage and control all evaluation and audit cycles yourself.

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